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Reporting A Car Accident in Florida Pt. 1


Reporting A Car Accident in Florida

When an individual is involved in a car accident in Florida it begs the question, do I have to report the accident? If so, who do I need to report the accident to and how is the report made? What if I am unable to report a car accident in Florida? Or what if I do not report the accident? This article and a subsequent one will discuss the above questions and provide the necessary answers.

When must a car accident be reported in Florida?

In Florida, the driver of a vehicle must report any car accident in the following instances:

  • If the accident resulted in injury to or death of any person, this includes the driver, passenger, pedestrian, etc.
  • If the accident results in vehicle damage or damage to any other property that appears to be of the amount of at least $500

Who must the driver report the accident to?

A vehicle driver must report the accident to the local police department if the accident occurred within a municipality. However, if the accident did not occur within a municipality the driver must report the accident to the office of the county sheriff or the nearest office or station of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Does it matter when the accident is reported?

In accordance to the Florida law, the driver is required to report the accident immediately. Furthermore, the accident must be reported by the quickest means of communication available at the time of the accident.

How is the driver to report an accident?

It is necessary that the driver file a written report if a law enforcement agency did not investigate the accident. Therefore, if the driver orally reported an accident to the local police and an investigation was carried out there is no need to file any type of report. However, where no investigation was made the driver must file a written report within ten days of the accident.


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