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Reporting A Car Accident in Florida Pt. 2


Reporting a Car Accident in Florida

In a previous article it discussed questions relating to reporting a car accident in Florida. That article addressed:

  • the necessity of reporting a car accident in Florida,
  • who the accident is to be reported to,
  • timeframes within which the accident is to be reported and
  • the manner in which the accident is to be reported

This article will discuss the consequences of failing to report and not reporting a car accident.

Failure to Report an Accident in Florida

If a driver does not report a reportable accident in Florida this is a non-criminal, nonmoving traffic infraction. Furthermore this infraction is punishable with a $30 fine. Where the accident was reported orally but no investigation was carried out and a written accident report was supposed to be filed but the driver failed to do so, the driver could be liable for a separate nonmoving traffic infraction.

Inability to Report an Accident in Florida

In instances where a driver is unable to report a car accident immediately due to physical incapability, the law exempts the driver from having to file the report during the time that he or she is incapacitated. However, once the driver is physically capable of making the report he or she should do so.

If a driver is physically incapable of making an immediate oral report and there was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of accident, the passenger must make the report or have someone else make it. However, if a driver is physically incapable of making the initial written report and is not the owner of the vehicle, the vehicle’s owner must report the accident within 10 days and make the report if the driver has not made it by then. Furthermore, for more information on the rules of reporting a car accident visit Florida Statutes section 316.064 – 316.064

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