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Accident Prone Driver Characteristics Pt. 2

Many accidents happen as a result of defects, negligence and accidental circumstances. While this is true in most car accidents, some factors increase the chances of accidents on the road. These factors are characteristics or personality traits of the driver.  These may increase the possibility of an accident or those likely to be distracted while driving. This makes them accident prone. This article will discuss some characteristics of drivers that are more likely to get involved in car accidents.

Accident Prone Driver Characteristics

While many factors may increase the risk of an accident, they are not the only reason why injuries happen. The driver’s attitude, emotions, mental health and passengers’ actions play a vital role in the events leading to an accident. Some of these features or factors include the following:

  • Drunk driving – drunk drivers are one of the top reasons fatal traffic accidents happen. They are responsible for one-third of all fatal accidents in the United States. Drinking:

-slows down a driver’s reaction time,

-causes vision failure,

-lowers concentration,

-reduces hand-eye coordination and

-may lead to lapses in judgement

  • Distracted drivers – distractions are one of the worst and most preventable issues while driving. When a driver is busy on a cellphone, they run a risk of causing or being in a traffic accident. Statistics show those who text while driving are 23 times more likely to cause or become part of a traffic accident. For drivers who do not don’t use cellphones have to be on the lookout for drivers who do use them. One article stated that every 4.6 seconds a driver’s vision is removed from the road to phones for texts. During that time attention on watching traffic, road changes and signs is removed.
  • Speeding – speeding claims the lives of almost 10,000 people every year.

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