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Brain Injuries: Myth And Fact

Brain Injuries: Myth and Fact

Statistics show that car accidents are the leading cause of brain injuries in the United States. Brain injuries go unnoticed as many individuals do not realize when they have suffered a brain injury after an accident. This in itself can likely make the injury more serious. It is common for a brain injury to be missed in emergency rooms. This results in an accident victim not getting the needed treatment after such a serious injury. As such delayed treatment can even be the cause of death. Therefore, the need to separate myth from fact.

Brain Injury: Fact

Because of the complex way the brain works, brain injuries continue to be a source of confusion even for doctors. For example, people think a person has to hit their head on something to have a brain injury. However, a brain injury can be caused through jerking movements caused by an accident making the brain hit the skull. It’s possible to get a brain injury without hitting your head on any part of the car in an accident. ‘When the brain [hits into] the skull this can cause the brain bleeding and swell. In such cases there is no outward bruising or injury to point directly to a brain injury.’

Brain Injury: Myth

A common myth is that a person needs to be knocked unconscious to get a brain injury. However, this is not always the case. One article states that becoming unconscious ‘is less likely to occur if the individual did not hit [their] head anything.’

Some individuals are able to walk, talk and act normally after sustaining a brain injury. This makes it even harder to know if it is a brain injury. Additionally, many individuals expect to see symptoms of brain injury immediately after an accident. Some accident victims may not show symptoms of a brain injury until hours, days or weeks after an accident. Therefore, this is why anyone involved in any accident must get medical attention even without visible injuries.

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