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Causes of Nursing Home Abuse Pt. 2

There is a steady increase in the number of elderly individuals in the general population. This increase directly affects the need for a large number of people entering nursing home and assisted living facilities. Becoming a resident of such facilities may either be voluntarily or due to family. However, with the rise in use of such nursing home and assisted living facilities comes cases of nursing home abuse. This article will discuss factors that lead to nursing home abuse.

Physical and Emotional Abuse

However, one of the most common types of abuse observed is the physical form. Physical abuse in nursing homes is normally considered to be:

  • punching,
  • slapping,
  • pushing or
  • depriving a resident of basic human needs
  • inflicting pain or injuries
  • the threat of bodily harm or intimidation that harm may occur

Emotional or verbal abuse also happens in nursing homes. This is when the resident is placed in:

The result is that the resident may become agitated, nervous, anxious, will become isolated due to the abuse. Nonconsensual acts of a sexual manner may happen with an elderly person and a member of staff. Therefore, such abuse can cause long-term damage even if the victim has dementia.


Another common form of abuse is neglect and is most often found in nursing homes. This happens when a resident is refused basic needs such as:

  • food,
  • liquids,
  • protection from the elements and
  • medical assistance

Any failure to provide what should be given in these facilities may be determined to be a form of abuse.

In most cases a loved one recognizes abuse. When this happens, it is best to contact report the matter to authorities. Further, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer for legal advice and representation. For immediate legal advice contact the Vinson Law Office, today.



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