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Causes of Nursing Home Abuse Pt. 1

There is a steady increase in the number of elderly individuals in the general population. This increase directly affects the need for a large number of people entering nursing home and assisted living facilities. Becoming a resident of such facilities may either be voluntarily or due to family. With the rise in use of such nursing home and assisted living facilities comes cases of nursing home abuse. This article and a subsequent one will discuss factors that lead to nursing home abuse.

Due to the increase in elderly people, the nursing home and assisted living facilities industry has ballooned. This in turn provides more jobs for nurses and staff. In fact, more money has been allocated to these facilities. This is to ensure that beloved aged ones are taken care of and given a peaceful place to live.

Inexperienced and Untrained

The expansion and increased demand for nursing homes has led to an increase in the getting of staff. Unfortunately, such staff often may be inexperienced or lack training. Background checks may be lax or non-existent and abuse may be the direct result of stressful situations. It is also common for employee and resident personalities to clash.

When nursing homes choose to funnel money to other areas rather than training, abuse may be the outcome. Elder abuse can be a caused by staff being overworked, untrained and not properly equipped for their jobs.

There are a number of different types of abuse that may occur in a nursing home. Such abuse happens when someone working in the facility is knowingly, intentionally or negligently causes any of the following:

  • harm,
  • injury or
  • a risk of either to anyone

The above is done to anyone that is weak, impaired, disabled or vulnerable to attack.

If your loved one is being abused contact the authorities. Further, contact the Vinson Law Office for legal advice and representation.

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