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Child Accident Victims – Car Accidents

Car accident incidents often result in confusion when there is only one person and only one injury. However, this confusion is multiplied when there are many individuals. Other factors may complicate issues and make them difficult to resolve. Receiving compensation is a right when an injury is caused by a negligent person. When children are involved in car accidents it brings about new difficulties to a case. Including when it comes to settling the case to receive compensation. This article will discuss some of the differences that exist in settling a car accident case in respect of child accident victims.

Differences in a Child Accident Victims

Treatment tends to be applied in a different way as the young person may not have developed enough physically. But their body may suffer from long-term or lifelong issues. Treatments in children may include:

  • Educational cognitive tests
  • Psychological testing

Most tests related to head trauma look at the child’s ability to learn and how this will be affected.

Another remarkable difference is how funds for compensation are managed. ‘Funds about what will be taken care of may need to be set aside in case of emergencies or health issues.’ In addition, there must exist no conflict of interest between the child and parent or guardian. The needs of the younger individual should come first if at all possible.

Another difference is the way the court settlements are handled when involving children. For settlements that are approved and go through the court system, any child in the process is appointed a lawyer. This legal representative is called guardian ad litem. The representative is entrusted with ensuring the settlement is in the best interest of the child affected by the accident. All compensation that is given must be beneficial and ensure a better situation for the minor concerned. Injuries that are sustained in the incident are investigated by the lawyer to guarantee offered monies are enough and fair. This also includes that such monies cater for further complications or for future needs of medical assistance. Where large amounts of settlements are received the child’s lawyer suggests or recommends that the funds are placed in trust.

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