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Compensation: Catastrophic Injury

Compensation: Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injury is ‘one where the consequences of the injury permanently prevent an individual from performing any gainful work.’ What compensation would a person claim for after suffering catastrophic injuries? Note that the damages are often greater than a standard personal injury and compensation is usually more.

A catastrophic injury usually places more serious damage to the body:

  • At the neck,
  • in the back,
  • on the spine and
  • to the head

Because of this such injuries can leave a person disabled temporarily or permanently. In more severe cases the injuries will end the life of the victim. This then changes a personal injury claim into a wrongful death claim. In order to increase the strength of your catastrophic injury claim it is necessary to find legal advice and representation. This can be found from experienced and suitably qualified attorneys.

Compensation and Legal Advice

Because such injuries harm a person in the most extreme ways it’s necessary to have legal representation for a claim. One of the main jobs a lawyer has is to calculate the possible compensation for the claim. ‘The lawyer will need to add the many issues together once he or she realizes what should be included. These damages may increase if the current medical treatment requires additional medication and therapy in the future. Permanent disability can increase a claim as well as any corrective surgeries that becomes important in the future years.’ The damages include current and any future medical costs along with medication and therapy – this factors in:

  • physical therapy,
  • in-home medical care,
  • nursing assistance and
  • future procedures.

In addition, pain and suffering increases the claim greatly. Lack of income and any likeliness to earn income in the future is taken into account. This also takes factors such as any promotions, various leave days and the chances of bettering one’s career. Another key damage is the decrease in the quality of life as it is permanent.

Having a lawyer represent you in your catastrophic injury claim is invaluable as they are able to perform all the duties necessary to maneuver your claim, while you – as the victim – focus on getting better.

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