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Do And Don’ts After A Crash

Do and Don’ts After a Crash

There are a number of dos and don’ts when it comes to handling matters after a crash, some of these include the following:

  • Do not wait too long before getting medical treatment – it is best to seek medical treatment immediately or after a few days; anything over one week is probably too long
  • If you are involved in a serious accident and the emergency personnel offer you an ambulance ride, take it. This buttresses the fact that your injuries were serious.
  • Try to get the names and contact information of as many witnesses to the accident as you can.
  • Take pictures of all the vehicles involved in the accident from several different angles. This will allow your pictures to tell a story and illustrate the extent of the damage. However, if you are unable to take pictures ask a friend, family member or bystander to do so for you.
  • Do not admit fault at the accident scene if you are not sure whether it was your fault or not. Fault and liability are proved differently depending on the accident circumstances.
  • Do not overstate your injuries, be honest and truthful
  • If you go to the doctor for treatment ensure you tell the doctor about everywhere that hurts. Failure to do so means the information is not in your medical records or chart notes. Therefore, it basically does not exist.
  • If you are hiring car accident lawyers get a credible lawyer who tells you the potential downside of your case and does not promise you the moon.
  • Ensure your actions are consistent with your words. If your legs are hurt after an accident do not be caught running around town or doing aerobics at the gym. This basically erodes your credibility.
  • If you have visible injuries on your body take as many pictures as you possibly can
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