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Florida Lockdown Executive Order FAQS 2

With the lockdown having come into effect on Friday April 2, 2020, there are many questions being asked. This article will discuss frequently asked questions with regards to the Executive Order on the statewide lockdown. In addition, it will look at essential activities catered for.

FAQS 1: Is the order a total lockdown or is some activity allowed?

All persons in Florida are ordered to limit their movements and personal interactions outside their home. However, they are allowed outside of their home to get or give essential services or do essential activities.

FAQS 2: What is an essential service?

The U.S Department of Homeland Security’s guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, v.2 provides a list of essential services. Additionally, essential services include those businesses and activities designated by Executive Order 20-89.

FAQS 3: Where can I obtain a copy of the list of essential services?

This list is available on the Division of Emergency Management website and the Florida Department of Health website.

FAQS 4: If my business is not listed as an essential service, can I continue my business from home or remotely?

Yes. The safer at home order encourages individuals to work from home.

FAQS 5: Can my business and its employees provide delivery of our products?

Yes. Where possible all businesses and organizations are encouraged to provide delivery, carry out or curbside service. This includes orders that are placed online or via telephone to the business.

FAQS 6: Can I get a permit or some documentation for my business to remain open?


FAQS 7: What are essential activities?

According to the safer at home or the essential activities include the following:

  • Attending religious services conducted in churches, synagogues, and houses of worship
  • Doing recreational activities such as hiking, walking, biking, fishing, hunting, or swimming. However, this must be consistent with social distancing guidelines.
  • Taking care of pets
  • Caring or assisting a loved one or friend



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