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Most law firms offer a free first consultation with regards to a personal injury case. It is at such a consultation that you may take the opportunity to interview the potential attorney. You can sit down and discuss your case, however, there are other questions you may ask. This article will discuss questions to ask at a free consultation with an asbestos mesothelioma lawyer.

Choosing an asbestos lawyer for your case may seem overwhelming. However, the process is made easier by being able to consult with a potential lawyer. And what makes it even better is that such first consultations are free. That being said, you need to make the best of this opportunity by asking relevant questions. This will allow you to make an informed decision to hire or not to hire the lawyer for your case. Some questions to ask the potential lawyer include the following:

Questions about the attorney-client relationship

The reality is that your decision to work with a specific attorney is dependent upon the key factor of trust. Therefore, for a lawsuit to work well it is important that the client and attorney are able to trust each other. Without the aspect of trust from either party the client’s best interests may be lost. If the attorney does not trust you, they may feel the information being provided is false. Therefore, it is important that if you, as the client, did not understand something your attorney has said, ask.

To understand your potential attorney-client relationship, ask about other people in the office you are likely to be interacting with. These other people may include paralegals, legal secretaries or other assistants.

While your attorney is handling your case, active participation is required on your part. Therefore, ask about the obligations that you have as a client.

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