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Ice Caused the Accident!

As the winter months approach temperatures continue to drop and the weather forecast will start to include winter storm warnings. Driving in such conditions become stretches especially when the roads are covered in snow, ice or freezing rain. One of the most dangerous hazards happen when snow or rain freezes causing isolated ice patches. Such as patches can cause serious car accidents if the driver loses control of the vehicle and hit into another vehicle. When this happens the question is then who is at fault?

Ice related Accidents: Common Causes

Isolated ice patches are one of the most common causes of ice related accidents. Isolated ice patches that cause such hazards to happen are often caused by the following:

  • Water that is not normally on the road finds its way onto the road,¬†oftentimes from a downspout from a sewer. The source of the water may determine liability
  • Water or moisture on the road is unable to drain properly.
  • The temperatures must be cold enough to cause the water to freeze.

Car accidents that are caused by bad weather conditions are common in most parts of the country. However bad weather conditions that result in a car accident make it hard to determine who was negligent from a legal point every driver of the other driver on the road the duty to drive safely. If a vehicle skids on ice getting another vehicle, occupant of the vehicle that hit the other is usually the negligent party. However, that driver can successfully argue that they were responding to a sudden emergency causing lose control of their vehicle. Even when a driver moves suddenly to avoid a sudden emergency that person will likely be held liable as drivers are expected to take the weather into account and drive accordingly. If the temperature is outside or below freezing it is likely that the roads will be icy. Therefore, drivers should increase their following distance, reduce speed and use extra caution.


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