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Identifying Injuries – Motorcycle Accidents

Identifying Injuries – Motorcycle Accidents

In most cases accidents involving motorcycles are severe and life-threatening when they are not immediately fatal. While the use of safety gear and protections may lower the imminent threat of injuries, they do not eliminate them. In fact chances for serious injury or possible life loss are still high when an accident happens. Unfortunately, most motorcycle injuries are grievous enough to change the lives of those involved in the event. This article discusses the common but severe and extensive injuries as well as identifying injuries linked with motorcycle accidents. The most likely injuries that are sustained in motorcycle accidents are those of the:

  • back,
  • spine and
  • head

“There are some collisions that only cause a limited form of partial loss of capability and functioning of the body.” This means that only certain areas may be affected or specific actions may be restricted due to the injury. However, each injury is different and each individual reacts differently even where similar injuries are suffered. Unfortunately, there are cases where paralysis becomes permanent with the full loss-of-function through all limbs.

Identifying Injuries

Severe accidents that involve motorcyclists and their occupants usually require immediate medical care. Where spinal injuries are present a person may say that they cannot feel parts of their body or are numb. Tests are carried out in order to identify such a condition. One such procedure that is used to examine nerves inside the body is through a dye. Once in the body the dye will show the harmed areas, which otherwise cannot be seen by the human eye.

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