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The Insurance Adjuster And Your Claim

The Insurance Adjuster and Your Claim

After being involved in an accident the victim usually gets to deal with an insurance company. The insurance company sends an insurance adjuster to interview the injured person. The interview seeks to gather all the facts and details about the incident. The goal is to know how much money must be given that is enough to avoid litigation if possible.

A common phrase found in most articles that talk about insurance agencies, adjusters and personal injury cases. This phrase is: “insurance adjusters are not your friends or on the side of the victim”. With the number of times this phrase appears in articles it is important to take note of it. The insurance adjusters’ goal is to make sure that the money given is just enough to avoid a lawsuit. However, with some insurance companies they do not worry about a lawsuit. As a result they only give a specific amount of money no matter what the circumstances about the accident were.

The Insurance Adjuster Job

An adjuster is “a representative of insurance company who handles claims; both negotiation and settlement.”  Their job is to investigate facts and gather details with regards to the incident. The adjuster interviews victims to understand the view point of the person driving the vehicle that was hit. However, to ensure that payouts are as low as possible they decide on an amount that just covers necessities. This makes for high profit for the insurance company and often the settlements are accepted because victims don’t know better. Despite such low offers being given, insurance adjusters try by all means to avoid lawsuits.

It is important to note that once the policy limit has been reached no more funds are available. However, there may be other factors involved in such cases. Therefore, it is wise to hire a personal injury attorney for compensation claims. These professionals understand how to work these cases and what to do to proceed.


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