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Insurance Adjusters’ Motivation

After being involved in a car accident, victims often have to deal with insurance agencies through their insurance adjusters. The insurance adjuster interviews the injured person, does an investigation and gathers facts and details around the accident incident. Thereafter, they determine how much compensation is enough for the injured person and try to avoid litigation. This article will discuss aspects to take note of when dealing with insurance adjusters in personal injury cases. And the insurance adjusters’ motivation.

Many articles published, including some published on this blog, have noted that insurance adjusters are not friends of accident victims. Their role in the case is to allocate just enough money to the accident victim to avoid a lawsuit. As a result, their primary concern is not the accident victim but rather the insurance company. This is why it is extremely important to hire a car accident attorney for legal advice and representation.

Insurance Adjusters’ Motivation

The key roles of an insurance adjuster is to investigate the facts and gather details with regards to the accident. This is done by interviewing the victim and other witnesses to the case; getting and understanding different viewpoints. To ensure that the payouts are as low as possible, adjusters decide on an amount just enough to cover necessities. Further, this works out in such a way that the insurance company gets higher profits. And the victim gets just enough to cover what may seem necessary. By the victim being paid just enough they are not motivated to take legal action against the insurance company. Therefore, the ultimate motivator for an insurance adjuster is to avoid litigation at all costs.

Insurance adjusters avoid litigation mainly because a judge or jury panel decides what money should be awarded. In addition, there are legal fees and other financial obligations to be met which are expensive for the insurance company. This is why adjusters try to convince victims to accept the lowest settlement offer. The convincing is done in a number of ways; one of which is befriending the victim. Further, by making it seem that the victim is the adjuster’s primary concern.


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