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Mental Illness Mental Disorders Pt. 4

Personal injury accidents can result in property damage as well as physical injuries to a victim. While property can be replaced and physical injuries can heal over time. There are some injuries that require more time to heal or may not heal at all. ┬áPersonal injury accidents affect how a person feels, thinks and moves physically for months and even years in some instances. This article and subsequent ones will discuss mental health illnesses – mental disorders and personal injury accidents.

When a person has been injured it is possible for them to suffer long-term damage in various areas to include the mind. Ongoing health complications could result in permanent disability, impairment of senses and could trigger a mental disorder. As a result, those suffering often find daily life activities, work and hobbies challenging. If the victim suffers from draining mental disorders and concerns arise, they may find the future a scary prospect. Therefore, treatment is the best option. However, it must be coupled with therapy and a solid foundation of friends and family for support.

Mental Illness – Mental Disorders

The National Institutes of Health stated +40 million people have been affected by mental disorders since 2012 in the U.S. Often these individuals are survivors of:

  • road or traffic accidents,
  • medical malpractice incidents and
  • disastrous accidents that led to severe trauma

Most if not all survivors have overcome the physical damage the event caused. However, they are often subject to various mental disorders that have long-term and lasting consequences.

It has been noted that three such mental illnesses are common among those affected in this way. These three forms of mental illness are:

  • Depression or full depressive states
  • Anxiety in a variety of forms and
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

All the above forms of mental disorders require therapy and treatment which costs time and money. In order to receive compensation for mental injuries caused due to negligence, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. For legal advice and representation in your personal injury claim contact the Vinson Law Office today.






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