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Misunderstanding Brain Injuries Pt. 1

Car accidents are a leading cause of brain injuries in the United States. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize when they have suffered a brain injury after an accident. This in itself can potentially make the injury more serious. Additionally, brain injuries may even be missed in emergency rooms causing accident victims to not have the needed treatment. Delayed treatment can even cause death. This article and a subsequent one will discuss misunderstandings and symptoms of brain injuries suffered after a car accident.

Misunderstanding Brain Injuries

For many, brain injuries are a source of confusion, including medical staff. For example, some people believe that you have to hit your head on something to have a brain injury. However, the truth is that brain injuries can be caused after a person is involved in a minor accident. This can happen from the speed and movement caused by the collision. This speed and movement can make your brain hit areas of your skull. Therefore, you can sustain an injury without your head hitting onto any part of your car or other object. The brain’s hitting into the skull can cause the brain to bleed and swell.

Another common misunderstanding about brain injuries is that a person must be knocked unconscious to get a brain injury. While many may become unconscious after an accident causing a brain injury, this is not always the case. It is unlikely for a person to become unconscious if they did not hit their head on an object. Some individuals are able to walk, talk and act normally after sustaining a brain injury. As a result, this makes it even more difficult to properly diagnose a brain injury.

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