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Motorcycle Accident: Helping Your Case

Motorcycle Accident: Helping Your Case

Motorcycle riders who are involved in traffic accidents face challenges when resolving an insurance claim or lawsuit. The main reason for this is that the general public (including insurance adjusters) view is that riders are second class road users. This is normally a result of the general negative idea about two wheel riders that is far from true. One such assumption, that is not true, is that motorcyclists are wild and reckless.

 Helping Your Case

Some ways to help your argument about how the accident happened are:

  • Formal training – If you have received any formal training or completed a motorcycle driving or safety course you should let insurance know.
  • Length of time riding – the length of time you have driven a motorcycle as an adult is an important factor to making your case. Similarly, important is the time spent riding the type and size of motorcycle which you were riding during the accident.
  • Regularity of riding – If you are a regular rider, in that you commute to and from work or school, you should note that fact. Also include the number of miles you ride per day, week or month. If you ride for pleasure for long distances note this too.
  • Riding type – If you were injured on a city street, how frequent you ride on such a street is noteworthy. If you were injured during high traffic or peak traffic times your familiarity with riding during these hours is important. The same is true if you were injured while riding on a highway; your experience in highway riding is noteworthy.
  • Weather conditions – Another factor that is important is the weather. It must be noted what the weather conditions were and your experience in riding in such weather conditions.

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