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Myth Car Insurance Claims Pt. 2

Myth Car Insurance Claims Pt. 2

When a car accident happens, what follows can either be terrifying or a really smooth process. Some of the determining factors of how the process works out are the myths associated with car accident claims. Many hold on to a myth as deciding factors on what to do, proceed, what may occur and what to seek. This article will discuss some of the myths associated with car accident claims and dispel them.

Sometimes information found in movies, other people’s ‘experiences’ and certain websites give false details. This causes innocent people to make mistakes when making decisions. Such wrong information influences a person’s decisions and actions. The results, a loss of compensation or settlement for personal injury claims caused by car accidents. Therefore, it is important to separate fact from fiction.

Myth or Fact

  1. Myth – some myths are related to insurance increases. It is said that parking tickets raise insurance rates. However, the truth is that these are not counted as a consideration with an insurance carrier. They may affect a license through suspension if the parking tickets are not paid but the premium does not change.
  2. Part Myth and Fact – Others say that speeding tickets increase insurance rates. When only one speeding ticket has been received most insurance agencies will not alter rates. However, when multiple tickets become an issue, they may affect the premium by making it higher.
  3. Myth and Fact – Most people believe that if their car is stolen, they are covered. This is only true if you have a comprehensive coverage that has been purchased as part of a policy. This covers damage that is not related to accidents; such as theft, fires, weather, wildlife and vandalism. If vehicle damage is from an accident it is only covered if there is collision coverage portion on the policy.

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