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Nerve Damage Symptoms and Treatment

Car accidents can result in various types of injuries to victims. There are some cases where an individual may walk out of a car accident unharmed. However, car accidents may result in minor injuries or in very serious injuries such as nerve damage. Such injuries can result in serious consequences to the victim. By filing a personal injury claim this can help the victim recover compensation for the expenses linked with the injuries. This article will discuss the treatment options available for nerve damage linked with car accidents.


It is important for individuals who suffer from nerve damage to know the linked symptoms. Some symptoms include the following:

  • A prickling sensation
  • Skin or limbs that feel like they are numb or tingling
  • Weakness or pain in the muscles
  • Full or partial paralysis of arms, legs, fingers or toes
  • Twitching or other uncontrolled muscle movements
  • Greater sensitivity of the skin when in contact with colder or warmer temperatures

Individuals who may suffer from any of these symptoms must seek immediate medical attention. They must ask a medical professional about the possibility of nerve damage.


It must be noted that treatment is available for nerve damage. However, this treatment depends on the cause of the damage and the severity of the linked injury. Some injuries can be treated with physical therapy and mediation while others require intensive surgery. So as to determine the best and applicable treatment in a victim’s case requires a trained medical professional. The medical professional will diagnose the type of nerve damage and to provide an opinion about the recommended treatment option. As expected, any treatment linked to this comes with considerable expenses.

Nerve damage can often result in large medical bills that must be paid. For you to recover compensation through a personal injury claim for your injuries contact an experienced personal injury attorney.  For legal advice and representation in Tampa Bay, contact the Vinson Law Office today.



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