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Is It A No Contact Accident?

Is It a No Contact Accident?

If you are riding a motorcycle and end up crashing to avoid a car what’s next? You may suffer injuries and property damage even though the car and motorcycle did not collide. This type of accident is referred to as a ‘no contact’ accident. It is possible to make a claim against the driver.

Examples of no contact accidents

Two scenarios will be are given as to whether they are no contact accidents and if they prove negligence.

Scenario 1:

A car and motorcycle both travelling in the same direction down a two lane street, each vehicle in separate lanes. The car being a little way ahead of the motorcycle. The car switches lanes quickly without signaling or giving notice to the motorcycle. To avoid the car, the motorcycle swerves, loses control and crashes. In this case there was no contact between the car and the motorcycle.

In such a situation, the driver is likely to be found as negligent because the driver:

  • switched lanes without signaling to show that he/she was switching lanes
  • could see the motorcycle but did not notice it
  • was negligent in failing to take proper precautions
  • failed to observe what was there to be seen

Scenario 2:

A car is driving in front of a motorcycle in the same lane. The car slows down but the motorcycle does not. Finally, the motorcyclist realizes that the car has slowed down and in a bid to stop swerves and crashes. There is no contact between the motorcycle and the car.

In this case it is the motorcyclist’s obligation to see and observe what is there to be seen. That is, the car stopping in front of the motorcycle. The accident happened because the motorcyclist failed to notice the car slowing down. Therefore, the motorcyclist was negligent and would probably be deemed the sole cause of his or her injuries.

For legal advice on no contact accidents seek out a law firm of professionals.



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