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Notifying Your Insurer, When to do so? 

Many articles openly say that your insurance company is never your friend when it comes to a car accident. So, it is important to ask how to handle them in the event of an accident. This article will discuss notifying your insurance company when involved in an accident.

After being involved in an incident where there is property loss and/or injury you should contact your insurance carrier. You need to inform them of what happened and you must file an insurance claim if possible. The question then is when should one notify the insurance company about their accident?

Notifying Your Insurer, When?

Experts say that it is best to speak to your insurer within 72 hours of any incident taking place. However, it is likely that your policy gives details as to the timeline to be followed when notifying them. Some policies state that notice must be made “within a reasonable time”.

Another question that arises is what type of incident requires a person to notify their insurer? Well, this depends on a number of issues; however, some situations that are a must are:

  • When involved in a car accident whereby there are injuries suffered by yourself, your passengers, another driver or their passenger. In addition, where the accident results in significant property damage. Notifying your insurer is important whether or not you are injured or at fault for the accident.
  • A guest or visitor to your home is injured on your property. This injury could be from a dog bite, slip and fall accident or any other injury. In this case you need to report the incident quickly whether or not someone filed a claim.

To guide you on whether or not to notify your insurer consider these two questions:

  1. Might I decide to file a claim under my policy linked to this incident?
  2. May someone else decide to file a claim against me linked to this incident?

If the answer is yes, then it is best to notify your insurer.



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