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Options to Change Your Lawyer

There are instances when facing a personal injury claim that the victim becomes unhappy or upset with their lawyer. It is at this point that a person needs to determine what their next move will be. Additionally, they must understand what options are available before they proceed to the next step. This article will discuss the options available when a person wants to change their personal injury lawyer.

Many articles have been written on how best to choose a personal injury lawyer for your claim. This is because hiring a lawyer is an important task before pursuing a claim. The attorney-client relationship must be one with trust and open communication so the case progresses well. These two elements ultimately determine whether the case will succeed or fail.

Options to Change Your Lawyer

When the client is unhappy with their representation, they must determine what actions to take. Some possible options to go with when you are unhappy with your lawyer are:

  • explain the problem and this could lead to better interactions going forward
  • fire the lawyer and hire a new one if the problems are serious
  • transferring the case to another lawyer in the firm or
  • contacting a different law firm

If your choice is to fire your current lawyer for a new one, it is important you do so immediately. This is to allow the new lawyer to catch up quickly on what is happening in your case.

As mentioned above trust is key element in your legal relation and as with any relationship building trust takes time. Therefore, if you want to change your lawyer this must happen at the beginning or before filing the claim. This allows for a period of adjustment for both you and your new legal representative. Additionally, the new lawyer gets to know all the details of the case early on in the claim.






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