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Property Damage Personal Injury Claim

Property Damage Personal Injury Claim

When people hear the term personal injury claim, they assume it refers to a claim made when someone is injured. While this is true to some extent, personal injury claims include property damage caused by accidents. Where a car accident leaves the occupants with injuries, it is necessary to address these first. Property damage can then be addressed later. This is despite the fact that property damage may have a significant financial impact on parties to the accident. And in addition to that it may raise questions of insurance coverage and responsibility.

One article provided this definition for property damage: it’s the term for “any item that is damaged in an accident. When property is damaged through the negligence of another, insurance coverage or replacement is the common question many people have.” Some common examples of property damaged in a car accident may include:

  • the vehicle itself,
  • vehicle of another,
  • a fence,
  • a home or business and even trees

In addition, to the above items property loss also includes damaged property that was inside the vehicle during the accident. Such as:

  • cellphone,
  • laptop,
  • handbag, etc.

Property Damage Stats

Property damage in any accident can be a cause for concern because not all drivers carry car insurance. Every state has in place strict rules on vehicle insurance. However, “statistics from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) show that 1/7 drivers on American roads don’t have car insurance coverage”. Therefore, there is a genuine concern for drivers on the road.

When a car accident results in property loss if the negligent driver is uninsured the victim’s insurance coverage applies.

To determine how much you are covered for property damage review the type of insurance coverage you carry. In addition, take into consideration deductibles for which the owner is responsible. The insurance coverage then applies to the remaining amount. “In hit and run cases, high deductibles can be [scary] for the car owner who now must be financially responsible’.

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