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Questions answering if your case is worth it?

Almost every civil lawsuit has one thing in common and that is damages. Damages simply refer to the injury, financial harm or property destroyed that one gets compensated for by someone else. Personal injury claims allow drivers and passengers to get compensation for their injuries, financial loss and property damage. This article will discuss questions on how to know if your case is worth any damages.

Questions: Is it Worth It?

There are a number of questions to consider so as to see the worth of your case. For example:

  • Did you have pre-existing injuries? Pre-existing injuries means if you had injuries or a health condition before the ones caused by your accident. If this is the case you need to ask your physician to take new x-rays or ultrasounds of those injured areas. Being able to compare pre-accident and post-accident scans is important. Such scans can help show that the accident did in fact cause additional damage to an area. However, if your injury was not made worse by the accident then there is no need to claim for that injury.
  • Did you talk to anyone at the scene of the accident? Statements you make to other drivers or passengers after the accident can be used against you. This includes statements you may say to witnesses or passersby. Something as simple as “I can’t believe I did something so stupid!” can be taken as an acceptance of fault.
  • Were there witnesses? If there were, you will need their assistance in proving your case. Or if they may harm your case, you will want to know what they have to say.

More often than not it is best to get claims from an attorney specializing in car accident claims. For legal advice and representation by a law firm of personal injury professionals contact the Vinson Law Office, today.

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