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Social Media And Personal Injury Claims

Social Media and Personal Injury Claims

We live in an electronic age; connectivity is available simply by the touch of a button on any device. This has become possible by the shrinking of the globe thanks to the internet. While connectivity means different things to different people, the same is true when it comes to personal injury cases. Connectivity can mean it is easy for both pursuing and opposing legal teams to examine social media posts. Those social media posts are submitted by a victim in a personal injury claim. This article and a subsequent one will discuss how social media posts can sabotage your personal injury case.

Social Media and Personal Injury

Before social media became a part of our lives, people spoke about their activities. However, now a person can click or swipe a few times and all their activities can be uploaded. With some social media platforms these activities are available for the world to see. Generally, most social media posts may do little to help or harm a claim. However, there are many platforms that could be used against the injured person. As a result, it is important that the injured person speak to a personal injury lawyer for legal advice. Such advice must be sought before filing a personal injury claim. The lawyer will advise the injured person about the importance of not sharing events online through such media websites. This will include details shared with family and friends during the personal injury claims proceedings.

It is not uncommon for such posts to be misconstrued and used to harm a claim. In personal injury cases the defending lawyers may use any evidence against the victim. Therefore, it is in the victim’s best interest to stay away from posting anything during the claim process. However, many are against complete isolation from these websites even during legal proceedings. As a result, it is best to know which site may provide the most evidence against the injured party.

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