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Social Media Platforms And Your Claim

Social Media Platforms and Your Claim

We live in an electronic age; connectivity is available simply by the touch of a button on any device. This has become possible by the shrinking of the globe thanks to the internet. While connectivity means different things to different people, the same is true when it comes to personal injury cases. Connectivity can mean it is easy for both pursuing and opposing legal teams to examine social media posts. Those social media posts are submitted by a victim in a personal injury claim. This article will discuss common social media platforms that can be used to sabotage your personal injury case.

Social Media Platforms

Of all social media platforms available online, Facebook is the number one to avoid when seeking compensation. Insurance companies may peruse this website when a claim for injury has been made for personal injury cases for compensation.

Some evidence that may be used in the defendant’s case could be pictures of activities performed. Such activities that should restrict the injured person while recovering from injuries are used as evidence of a fraudulent claim. For example, if the victim complained of severe pain but posts a picture or video on Facebook partaking in activities. Such activities that should be out of the question due to their ‘pain’, this can evidence used against them. Other evidence may be public posts sent to friends explaining details about the accident by the victim. Some may be of how the victim may have been responsible directly or indirectly. Facebook documents a person’s timeline of activities and may give evidence of alcohol intake before an accident occurrence. When this happens, questions arise about injuries and liability of the victim.

Twitter is said to have over 100,000 additional users register for new activity every day. It is quick and easy, that these users are capable of posting information for everyone to see at any time. As a result, insurance adjusters monitor photos and details on these websites very frequently. Other sites may include:


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