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Pain and Suffering Personal Injury Claims

Injuries that are caused by someone else’s negligence can result in many types of pain. The pain may be psychological, emotional, physical or traumatic. It is possible for a person to receive compensation for such pain and suffering. However, it…

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Dealing with Hit and Run Accidents

One article by regarding hit and run deaths, stated; “The study, by the roadside assistance giant AAA, reported that 2 049 hit and run deaths occurred in 2016. In the decade leading up to the tragic peak, an average…

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A Vinson Law Thank You

When we speak of milestones in general, it is assumed to be a goal reached. However, the original meaning of the word milestone refers to "a stone set up on the road to mark the distance in miles to a…

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Whiplash Injuries and Valuation

Whiplash is defined as “a non-medical term used to describe neck pain following an injury to the soft tissues of the neck (specifically ligaments, tendons and muscles)”. It is important to note that damages in a whiplash case are normally…

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Do and Don’ts After a Crash

There are a number of dos and don’ts when it comes to handling matters after a crash, some of these include the following: Do not wait too long before getting medical treatment - it is best to seek medical treatment immediately…

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Witness Statements and Your Case

Witness statements support the following factors in a car accident case: Support claims of innocence It must be noted that an injured person’s compensation award can be reduced or completely eliminated if he or she is found to have been…

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Admission of Guilt and Liability

Admission of Guilt and Liability Generally, most people are aware that it is of the utmost importance to watch what they say after a car accident. This is especially so at the scene of the accident. However, this is a…

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Car accident Attorneys and Fair Settlement

There are a number of scenarios that require the expertise of a car accident attorney, some include the following: You have permanent or lingering injuries Moderate or severe car accident injuries may result in lingering or permanent damages that require…

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Negligence and the Reasonable Person Standard

Negligence and the Reasonable Person Standard This article will discuss the application of negligence with regards to the reasonable person standard. According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute negligence is defined as “a failure to behave with the…

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