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FAQs on Class Action Lawsuits Pt. 3

FAQs on Class Action Lawsuits Pt. 3 There are a number of questions that arise with regards to how class actions work. This article will discuss some of frequently asked questions with regards to class actions. Q. What kinds of…

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Important Factors in TBI

Important Factors in TBI After serious accidents it is possible that traumatic brain damage (TBI) may be overlooked but only to suffer later on. A TBI can leave a victim’s life irrevocably changed, permanently damaging their relationships, work, mental capacity…

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Valuing Injuries: Tooth Damage

Valuing Injuries: Tooth Damage If you broke, chipped or damaged your tooth in an accident and have a valid personal injury claim the question is, how do you value your losses? Generally, there are many factors present in any case…

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Valuing Injuries: Soft Tissue Injuries

Valuing Injuries: Soft Tissue Injuries Valuing an injury is difficult, especially if the personal injury case goes to trial. At trial it is up to the jury to decide the value of the case. This article will discuss the valuing…

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Reporting A Car Accident in Florida Pt. 2

Reporting a Car Accident in Florida In a previous article it discussed questions relating to reporting a car accident in Florida. That article addressed: the necessity of reporting a car accident in Florida, who the accident is to be reported to, timeframes within…

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Personal Injury Demand Letter Pt. 2

Personal Injury Demand Letter Pt. 2 A previous article documented some of the factors tat need to be included in a demand letter. It also showed how such aspects positively affect the person's ability to settle the case with their insurance. In…

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