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Reporting A Car Accident in Florida Pt. 2

Reporting a Car Accident in Florida In a previous article it discussed questions relating to reporting a car accident in Florida. That article addressed: the necessity of reporting a car accident in Florida, who the accident is to be reported to, timeframes within…

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Personal Injury Demand Letter Pt. 2

Personal Injury Demand Letter Pt. 2 A previous article documented some of the factors tat need to be included in a demand letter. It also showed how such aspects positively affect the person's ability to settle the case with their insurance. In…

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Personal Injury Case Evaluation

Personal Injury Case Evaluation Have you suffered serious injury as a result of a car accident? Are you considering filing a personal injury lawsuit? Well, if you are then the question you may first ask yourself is ‘what is my…

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Florida’s Serious Injury Threshold

Florida's Serious Injury Threshold While Florida is a no fault state it has a threshold based on serious injuries. This allows an injured individual to file a liability claim or lawsuit against the person or company at fault for the car accident where the injuries sustained. This is only if…

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Personal Injury: DIY Claims Advice

Personal Injury: DIY Claims Advice At times many people think that it is easy to do their own claims without the help of an experienced attorney. In some cases this is true but not in all. There are however, simple…

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