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Other Government Agencies and The FDA

The scope covered by the laws that govern the FDA, it's authority spills over into areas of other government agencies. As a result, the FDA's responsibilities are closely linked to the responsibilities of these government agencies. Therefore, it is not…

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The FDA’s Regulatory Authority

Previous articles have discussed an overview and the history of the FDA. This article will discuss the scope of the FDA's regulatory authority. The term regulatory means implementing and enforcing laws. Therefore, the FDA’s regulatory authority means the extent to…

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FDA Drug Regulation History

The FDA’s authority to assign specific drugs as prescription-only drugs this resulted in a recall of unsafe drugs. In addition, it resulted in banning false therapeutic claims in drug labelling. However, it did not require that the FDA prove fraudulent…

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FDA Legal Act History Pt. 1

The birth of the FDA can be traced to the latter part of the 19th century by way of different legal laws (legal Act). The U.S Department of Agriculture's Division of Chemistry (aka Bureau of Chemistry) began conducting research into…

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Stem Cell Treatments Deceptions

The FDA reported on stem cell treatments in a consumer update. Researchers hope that stem cells will one day be effective in the treatment of many medical issues and diseases. However, unproven stem-cell treatments can be unsafe. Therefore, it is…

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