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Tire Blowout Causes And Caution

Tire Blowout Causes and Caution

A tire may blowout is when there is not enough air pressure in the tire. Because of this the tire can stretch beyond what it is capable of holding, to the point of tearing. Generally, tires are bonded to the internal fabric and steel cord reinforcement; a blowout tears from this fabric and steel. It’s easy to understand that too little air pressure causes tire blowouts. But what causes the air pressure to decrease? Some common reasons why your tires can blow out include:

  • defective manufactured tires,
  • heat,
  • potholes,
  • slow leaks,
  • under inflation, and
  • worn treads

To reduce your chances of a tire blowout it is important that you take care of your vehicle. Such care can be by way of routine inspections, maintenance and tire rotations. Routine inspections can find any leaks, pressure inefficiencies and other wear and tear issues with your tires. Once discovered issues your mechanic can work toward fixing the problem before anything happens.

What to do

If you experience a tire blowout realize that whether we like it or not tire blowouts do happen. However, when travelling at high speeds it is extremely important to know exactly what to do. If your tire blows out while you’re travelling at high speeds on the highway:

  1. grip the steering wheel with both hands
  2. resist the urge to slam your foot down on the brakes
  3. take your foot off the gas pedal to allow the car to slow down naturally
  4. allow your car to roll towards the side of the road or the nearest exit
  5. do not remain in traffic
  6. once you are off the road lightly press the brakes until the car comes to a complete stop
  7. turn on your emergency flashers

While you’re waiting for help to arrive ensure you are on the side of your car furthest from moving traffic. Tire blowouts easily cause accidents where the driver does not know how to react. Or while waiting for assistance by not removing the vehicle out of the road completely.

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