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Weigh Your Options – Personal Injury Trial

When you are injured as a result of an accident or incident you have two options. You can either pursue a lawsuit and trial or settle the case out of Court. There are number of pros and cons that come with filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you are considering going to trial you may have a number of reasons why. One is that trial increases your chances of getting a higher dollar value by way of a jury award. However, it is important to weigh your options fully taking consideration of the risks involved in going to trial. This article will discuss the risks linked with taking a personal injury lawsuit trial.

Weigh your options

Reward one:

A potential reward that comes with taking a personal injury lawsuit to trial is the opposite of the initial risk. It is possible that your jury award is much larger than the settlement you were initially offered.

The reality is insurance companies are afraid of this possibility. Therefore, it is in their best interest for you to give up your right to sue them and accept settlement. By signing a settlement agreement, you have given up your right to sue the insurance company or the defendant. Therefore, even after realizing that you could have received more through trial you are unable to proceed legally.

As a result, if you are advised by your personal injury attorney that your case is strong enough refuse settlement. By saying your case is strong enough it means you have enough evidence to go to trial. In addition, going to trial has added advantages not found in settlement. For example, you may be able to win an award specifically for pain and suffering. A pain and suffering award goes beyond the scope of out-of-pocket expenses.

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