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Your Insurance Carrier and a Car Accident

Many articles plainly state that your insurance company is never your friend when it comes to a car accident. So, it is important to ask how to handle them in the event of an accident. This article will discuss what to expect when speaking to your insurance carrier.

After being involved in an incident where there is property loss and/or injury you should contact your insurance carrier. You need to inform them of what happened. What can be expected when you speak to your insurer?

What to expect from your insurance carrier

It is important to note what details you provide regarding the incident. The necessary details you should provide include the following:

  • Who was involved in the incident
  • How the incident occurred
  • Who witnessed the incident happen
  • Person(s) injured in the incident
  • What property was damaged

This information must be given whether you are speaking to an agent you have dealt with before or another adjuster.

The above information is likely to be asked by way of a series of questions asked by the insurance agent. The key is to be honest and thorough regarding the specifics of the incident. However, if you get a call from the other party’s insurance carrier representative limit the information you give.

Before you hang up the call take note of who you are speaking to. In addition, get the person to confirm the information you provided them with. It is likely that within a few days you will get a formal letter documenting your claim. If you do not receive such a letter, contact the claims office directly.

Next Steps

The next steps depend on whether or not the claim is filed. That is to say, either a claim is filed by you or by another person. No matter who filed the claim you will need to cooperate with the insurer’s investigation. This includes:

  • Allowing them to inspect your property or vehicle for any damage
  • Allowing them to examine medical records relating to your injuries
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