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Automobile Collisions

Automobile Collisions


Many people are unsure of what steps to take following an auto accident. Unfortunately, many victims of auto accidents are not well informed prior to their accident, and do not receive full compensation for their claim. Immediately after an auto accident, you should:

1 – Avoid giving a verbal or written admission of guilt to anyone

2 – Avoid taking the first settlement or offer given to you.

If you admit your guilt, not only can the value of your claim be reduced, you could be held partially or fully responsible for the accident. Not accepting the first offer from an insurance company is also important, most notably in situations where you are being pressured to settle quickly. Often, insurance companies attempt to have claimants settle quickly in hope that the claimant accepts a settlement which is less than what they truly deserve.

The insurance company’s job is to get you as little money as possible – my job is to get you the most. Call¬†(813) 839-5708 as soon as possible after your accident to learn more about your options.