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What Our Clients Have To Say

La GrayLa Gray
20:54 07 Jun 22
The office has been fantastic, they are there when I needed them and were very helpful, I would highly recommend
Judy SlebodnikJudy Slebodnik
19:28 07 Jun 22
Attn: Veterans and ESPECIALLY widows of veterans who have passed because of their exposureTo asbestos while in service and/or the construction trades…..or both like my husband of 40:yrs.Vinson law firm has been the biggest blessing I could have received since Michael passed. I couldNever have made it on his SSI alone. There is almost nothing that compares to getting those bigchecks in the mail just when you need them, instead Of all bills. I’m almost 77 and couldNot afford my care giver without this blessing, and the stipend I also receive on the first of everymonth thanks to a very caring VA rep. Here in Arkansas...Give them a call… will not be disappointed…..and EVERYONE who works there is just so caring,Helpful and willing to listen to you……which means so much when you are all alone and still grievingafter 2 yrs.Sincerely. Judy S., and theI’mso good forGYouYou
wayne madascywayne madascy
15:12 07 Jun 22
Vinson Law and the entire staff has been great handling my case.
Thomas CheethamThomas Cheetham
16:39 16 May 22
I am most grateful to Vinson Law. They have helped me tremendously. All the staff have been very friendly and very efficient. I highly recommend them.
John BradyJohn Brady
19:13 31 Mar 22
Vinson law has done an outstanding job for me since taking my account. Someone from the firm is usually in contact with me to check on any updates and to keep me informed. I will recommend this firm very highly for this type of service.

Mr. Michael Sides

Navy Machinist, 1964-1968

I would like to thank you for your kindness, professionalism, and all your help in the past few years. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help and guidance. I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by the Vinson Law Firm. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would describe my satisfaction a 10. I definitely recommend your law firm to anyone I know that needs legal assistance! I would like to thank you and your staff for everything that you have done for me.

Mr. Chester Enochs

Navy Machinist, 1961-1965

I, Chester Bryan Enochs Jr., have been a client of Vinson Law Firm of Tampa, Florida since 2017, representing me in an asbestos personal injury matter in June of 1965-1968. Vinson Law did all the work! Getting medical records and doctor reports, all I had to do was sign and date the contract and they even paid postage. I thank you for all your help. You helped me in my darkest time. The staff is pleasant, helpful, and polite. I highly recommend Vinson Law to all my veteran service men and women!

Mr. Wendell McIntosh

Boiler Tender, 1959-1963

I am willing to express my thanks to Vinson Law Firm and his wonderful staff. I had the opportunity to meet mr. Vinson and we talked for about an hour. It was clear to see his dedication to help veterans was sincere. I also got to meet many of his staff and they some of the sweetest young women I have ever met, and their dedication to their work was also apparent. They keep me informed on everything. I could not have made a better choice than Vinson Law firm. I would highly recommend this firm.

Mr. Dennis Willborg

Pipefitter & Naval Reserves, 1962-1968

To the hard working people who work at Vinson Law Office, whenever I call they are all upbeat. They sound so happy and always so helpful! Makes me so proud to know them. I wanted to thank you all who helped me get a compensation check two days before my 78th birthday. I love you all and appreciate all who helped me! I know without you, I would receive nothing! So again, thank you for all you have done for me and that is coming from the bottom of my heart! Thank you! Thank you!

Mrs. Diane Parmer

Widow of Vaughn Parmer:

Boiler Tender, 1964-1968

I want everyone to know Vinson Law is a company that cares for you in every way. I received an envelope that said to anyone who was on the Midway Carrier. My husband, Vaughn was. He had died in 2018 of heart issues and also had asbestos from working on the ship. I contacted them by mail and phone. Each person I talked to was so caring and attentive to me. They filed claims and I then received payments from settlements that helped me greatly with my home repairs, etc. It was God answering my prayer though as I only lived on my Social Security check. I highly recommend Vinson Law to you. My husband was a Vietnam War Veteran. I can’t praise them enough for all their hard work on my behalf as a widow.

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