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Can You Afford a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been hurt and someone else is at fault, you may suffer financially and physically. This could cause you to miss work, and missing work means losing wages. After an injury they are medical bills to be paid, damaged property to be repaired and many other expenses related to the accident. The question is can you afford to file a personal injury claim.

The most common type of personal injury claim is that of a car accident. When this happens and you are injured bills pile up. When an offer is made it is easy to just accept it and walk away. However, it is wise to wait and get advice from expert personal injury attorneys.

For a car accident injury due to negligence your first steps should be hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will get you the best possible settlement from the insurance company. Where the settlement offer is unreasonable the lawyer will take the entity who hurt you to court. If your settlement is not satisfactory you cannot afford not to file a personal injury claim.

Can you afford to file a lawsuit?

Generally, in an ideal situation the injured person and insurance company mutually agreed to settle. Settling is quicker and has fewer fees and expenses involved and gets rid of the uncertainty of a trial outcome. However, if the settlement amount does not fully compensate your injuries going to court is better. Some of the costs and fees related to going to trial include the following:

  • Lawyer fees – these will be higher if a case goes to court
  • Court costs – these include filing fees and transcripts
  • Expert witness fees – these can go up into the thousands of Dollars
  • Administrative expenses
  • Costs of taking depositions
  • Investigative costs

This may seem like a lot. However, remember many personal injury attorneys are paid on contingency. This means they are paid only if you are paid; whether through a settlement or a successful Court outcome.



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