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Ryan Borses

Lead Investigator 

Ryan’s work with Vinson Law over the years has led him to be one of the most important assets to the litigation department. He has curated a library of Navy vessel equipment records that has created insurmountable evidence regarding the history of asbestos diseases and products within the Navy. He has also researched and developed strategies that assist our attorneys in preparation for asbestos litigation cases, as well as the Lung Institute class action.

Ryan likes to spend his free time doing many things: he writes, directs, edits, engineers sound designs, composes, voice acts, and produces everything for his podcast, TENDRIL. He does all of this with his fiancé and co-creator, Kaitie. With the remainder of his spare time, he is an aspiring home chef and a board game collector/enthusiast. 


  • Graduated from The Boston Conservatory with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Theatre
  • Preparing to enter Law School


  • Performed professionally in the theatre industry in New York City, Sacramento and Jacksonville 
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