IME? What it is and what to expect

Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2020 at 6:25 am    

After an accident caused by someone else, an injured person has the right to put forward a personal injury claim. When they state that they have physical or mental harm this could lead to the defendant asking for evidence. While the injured person may have their own medical doctor, they may have to do an independent medical examination. This article will discuss what an independent medical examination (IME) is and what happens there.

What is an IME?

For the defendant to have the needed proof of the injuries they may requests an independent medical examination (IME). There are two aspects to take note of when preparing yourself for an independent medical examination:

  1. the process and
  2. what the doctor looks for

One article stated that it is important to understand that the independent medical examination (IME) is a rarely very independent. In most cases the examination is carried out by an expert that is hired and paid for by the defendant. Therefore, the findings of the medical examiner may be different to what your own doctors have told you. The independent medical examiner is not allowed to lie. However, they will almost certainly review the evidence in favor of their client’s interests and that is the defendant.

At times when there are many health issues to be addressed, expect to go to more than one IME. For example, if you are being treated by a:

  • neurologist,
  • orthopedic surgeon
  • plastic surgeon

It is likely that you may have the IMEs performed by specialists in each of those fields. It is likely that you will be spending a lot of time at doctors. However, you will not be charged for these visits and you don’t need to take any advice given by doctors.

It is always wise to be prepared for the independent medical examination. Therefore, speak to your personal injury lawyer beforehand for advice. For legal advice and representation in a personal injury claim contact the Vinson Law Office today.





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