Mesothelioma caregiver support

Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 7:20 pm    

Mesothelioma develops almost out of nowhere, family and friends may find themselves thrown into the role of caregiver to a patient. This article is designed to provide Mesothelioma caregiver support and guidance. Firstly, caregivers need to research on Mesothelioma. Research helps one get to know about the disease and provides answers to basic questions.

Mesothelioma caregiver support duties

A primary caregiver has to provide more fully for the patient on a personal level. This includes areas that sap a lot of energy like: bathing, dressing up, feeding oneself and so forth. These mundane activities become difficult due to the problems in breathing therefore assistance in required.

Other duties that a primary caregiver would need to fulfill are administering medication to the patient at the appropriate time in the appropriate dosages and monitoring the health of the patient. Monitoring the health of a patient is especially important as this has a determining factor on the continuation or introduction of medication. Monitoring must be done after administering treatment, the caregiver must report any changes (positive or negative) in health issues to the patient’s doctor. This can determine the continuation of the medication or introduction of new treatment; keeping a diary may be helpful.

Decision making though difficult, falls into the scope of duties of the primary caregiver. This will include decisions regarding treatment, financial, legal, insurance issues as well as end-of-life care. Despite the difficulty that comes with making such decisions, the caregiver needs to make them in behalf of their loved one.

Secondary caregivers (close family and friends) can play an important role in providing companionship and time. This can include comforting and listening to the patient, running errands (shopping, picking up medication), transporting and waiting with the patient during appointments. This provides some relief to the primary caregiver as well.

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