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Mental Illness Proving Claims Pt. 2

Personal injury cases often involve many different types of damages that the victim has suffered loss for. Such damages make up part of the full compensation that is sought during the personal injury claim. There are cases where a victim…

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Personal Injury Damages Pt 3

The point of damages in tort actions is to make the injured person whole. The person is made hole through the award of money to compensate for injuries caused by the accident or incident. This article and a subsequent one…

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Tax and Personal Injury Awards

The journey to getting an accident settlement or a trial verdict is long and hard. The journey includes a long and exhausting process to fight for your compensation. Even though the accident resulted in your injury and pain. However, after…

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Nursing Home Abuse: Damages

Nursing Home Abuse: Damages Older adults suffer injury or abuse at the hands of the people charged with their care in nursing homes. Such injuries are caused by the negligence of the nursing home staff,¬†however, at times such injuries and…

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Personal Injury: Lawsuit Elements

Personal Injury: Lawsuit Elements In a lawsuit there are two main elements that play a large role that is statutes of limitations and damages. These lawsuit elements determine when the¬†lawsuit must be filed and the compensation to be received. Lawsuit…

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