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Filing Toxic Substance Claims

A report made in 2015 based on the surveillance of nine states from 1999-2008 showed the following. “The Toxic Substances Control Act chemical substance inventory lists more than 84 000 chemicals used in commerce. With chemicals having many uses, persons…

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Personal Injury: Proximate Cause

Personal Injury: Proximate Cause The extent of the harm is not limited by what was or was not foreseeable. Foreseeability is a test used to determine proximate cause. By definition, proximate cause is “An actual cause that is also legally…

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Personal Injury: Foreseeability

Personal Injury: Foreseeability If you have been involved in a car accident that resulted in an injury; it is likely that the first question encountered is: who was at fault for the accident? This article will discuss the concepts of…

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Elements of an accident claim

Elements of an accident claim There are four elements to a successful accident claim for compensation. These four elements must prove that a driver was at fault and caused the accident. Duty – every driver has the duty to obey…

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