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Restrictions on Vehicle Recalls

The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the department that sets the standard of vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers must obey the guidelines that the NHTSA has put in place. When a vehicle does not meet a certain…

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Vehicle Recalls: Why Heed Them?

Each year entire vehicles and specific auto parts are recalled often as a result of defects. “Some sources state vehicle recalls happen almost every single day. Information regarding vehicle defects is often available are sometimes mailed to owners of the…

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Mechanical Failure Accidents

A number of accidents occur because of speeding, breaking traffic rules, or an act immediately before the accident. However, some motor vehicle accidents are caused because of a mechanical failure. This is proven by the many vehicle recalls that are…

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Vehicle Safety Recalls and Personal Injury

“According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), the Subaru Impreza was named the safest vehicle in 2018. The Subaru Outback was ranked second place. However, the automaker Subaru has shared plans to recall 1.3 million vehicles in the…

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Vehicle Recalls and Accidents

Sometimes vehicles have major defects to the point they may undergo recalls. A recall is where the manufacturer repairs the issue and gives it the green light to be driven again. But it is possible for underlying defects remain even…

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