Independent Medical Examination: What to expect

Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2020 at 6:30 am    

After an accident caused by someone else, an injured person has the right to put forward a personal injury claim. When they state that they have physical or mental harm this could lead to the defendant asking for evidence. While the injured person may have their own medical doctor, they may have to do an independent medical examination. This article will discuss what you can expect during an independent medical examination.

Independent Medical Examination: Compulsory

An agreement can be made with regard to the scheduling of the medical examinations. However, it is likely that the defense may seek a court order requiring that you attend the IMEs. A letter will be sent to you or your lawyer setting out the following:

  • Date of the IME,
  • Name and the specialty of the doctor
  • Any requests for medical records

If you are asked for medical records ensure you take these with you on you visit.

During the examination try and do the following:

  • be honest, polite and helpful
  • communicate to the doctor all information that you believe is relevant to your injury
  • rather than seeing it as the doctor who works for the defense, think of it as just another doctor’s appointment

Independent Medical Examination: What to expect

The IME doctor will generally conduct a patient interview to learn the history of the accident. During the interview the doctor will ask about your medical condition and then conduct a medical examination. The doctor will consult other medical records provided in your case. During this process they will look for a variety of factors about the injury including:

  • General appearance
  • Signs of deception
  • Objective manifestations of injury
  • Subjective manifestations of injury
  • Other contributing factors

It is always wise to be prepared for the independent medical examination. Therefore, speak to your personal injury lawyer beforehand for advice. For legal advice and representation in a personal injury claim contact the Vinson Law Office today.


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