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Is My Case Worth It?

Almost every civil lawsuit has one thing in common and that is damages. Damages simply refer to the injury, financial harm or property destroyed that one gets compensated for by someone else. Personal injury claims allow drivers and passengers to get compensation for their injuries, financial loss and property damage. This article and a subsequent one will discuss how to know if your case is worth any damages.

Many factors can affect the amount of compensation you may receive. In addition, other factors affect the time that it takes for you to receive this compensation. For example, receiving compensation depends on how well you prove your case. Also, the types and extent of injuries that you suffered from the accident. Other factors that affect a claim can be how long recovery will take.

Is it Worth It?

There are a number of questions to consider so as to see the worth of your case. For example:

  • Did you get a copy of the police report? The police report provides specific accident-related details that can be used to determine fault in a case. In addition, the report will list the investigating officer’s name and badge number; which is helpful. Further, it is not uncommon for insurance company claims adjusters to contact investigating police officers to confirm statements. So, having the report helps you know what is in the report.
  • Did you immediately seek medical attention? It is necessary to visit the emergency room or your physician as soon as possible after an accident. In some areas, your failure to seek medical attention means you lose claims for injuries that don’t show up later. So, in pain or not, injured or not it is best to seek immediate medical attention.

More often than not it is best to get claims from an attorney specializing in car accident claims. For legal advice and representation by a law firm of personal injury professionals contact the Vinson Law Office, today.

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