Personal Injury: Basics and Lawyer Necessity

Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 12:35 pm    

Personal Injury: Basics

The term personal injury is commonly associated with car accidents in the U. S. however, it covers a broad meaning to injuries caused to an individual. The most common thing all types of personal injuries have is that they are due negligence. Personal injury covers aspects like:

  • car accidents,
  • train accidents,
  • nursing home abuse,
  • slips and falls and
  • dog bites

 The injured person seeks compensation from the person, company or organization at fault through damages i.e. monetary payment. If the parties agree to settlement and the related terms, the matter ends in an out of court settlement. However, if the at fault party disagree to the claim and disputes it, the matter will be resolved through the legal system.

One attorney commented that, “no matter how straightforward the case may seem, this is the stage to enlist the advices and representation of a lawyer, whether you are the at fault party or the one filing the claim”.

Personal Injury: Is Hiring a Lawyer Worth It? 

Most people feel that the issue of hiring a lawyer for what seems to be a simple personal injury claim is a way to make a ‘quick buck’ on the part of the lawyers. However, the law can be likened to a chess game and it would make no sense for a person who does not know how to play chess to join a chess tournament.

Attorneys are like chess players; a good chess player has the goal of beating his opponent and ultimately winning the game, but a seasoned chess player has the same goals but is able to anticipate moves and eventualities right at the start of the game and maneuver the game toward his/her goal. That is the difference between a semi experienced attorney and an attorney with years of experience; their knowledge and experience allows them to know what to expect during the case and how to react to achieve the compensation their client deserves. This is the case whether dealing with an individual or a multinational corporation.

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