Personal Injury Questions for Attorneys Pt 4

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 at 12:38 pm    

Accidents hardly come with a warning in advance, and so they leave most victims unprepared. Because of how accidents happen victims are not too sure how to proceed. This is made worse when the victims suffer injury or property loss. They may not know what decisions to make and when to make them. This article and a subsequent one will discuss important questions to ask a personal injury attorney before hiring them.

Personal Injury Questionnaire

When you’re choosing your legal representative, it is important that you get the right person for the job. To find out who this right person is you need to ask some important questions. Some of these questions are listed below.

  1. Will other attorneys be working on your case?

Most people hire an attorney they have seen on tv thinking that that is the person that will be representing them. However, much of the work is done by case managers who are not attorneys. And hearings may be attended by junior attorneys in the firm. These junior attorneys and case managers are completely qualified to do the job on your case. But if you want a specific attorney, this is an important question.

  1. Is there something that can be done to improve your chances of winning?

Many people assume that once they have hired an attorney, all they get to do is sit back. In fact, some simply think the next step is to wait for a check in the mail. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case. The attorney will likely need you to do the following:

  • see a number of doctors,
  • speak to investigators and
  • remain actively involved in the case up to its end

It is important to remember that the attorney is trying to help you so you need to be helpful too.

Asking these questions may greatly increase your chances of finding the best attorney for you. Contact the Vinson Law Office for a free initial consultation.


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