Questions Asked in Interrogatories

Posted on Friday, June 18th, 2021 at 5:54 am    

If your personal injury case is proceeding to a lawsuit there is a process referred to as discovery. An element found within the discovery process is referred to as interrogatories. This article and subsequent ones will discuss interrogatories and personal injury lawsuits – questions asked.

Interrogatories are written questions that are sent by one party to another as part of the pre-trial investigation process called Discovery”. So, discovery the section of interrogatories allows each party to write a question list for the other party. Once received, the party responding must submit answers under oath.

How Many Questions Can Be Asked?

There is a limit as to the number of interrogatories each party to the lawsuit can send the other. In respect of Federal Civil Court, the maximum is 25 interrogatories. This is applicable to all parts and some parts of single questions. Therefore, if a question is made up of question 6a, 6B, 6bi and 6c; these count as four different questions. However, with regards to civil lawsuits in state court, the number of interrogatories vary. Therefore, you would need to check with state civil procedure rules or ask your personal injury lawyer. In the event that you have reached the limit of questions you may request permission to send more. Such permission is sought from the court and if granted more questions can be sent to the other party.

According to federal rules a party must respond to questions within a 30-day period. The majority of states also follow this 30-day rule. Both state and federal rules require the person answering to sign and make an oath as to their answer truthfulness. Other states require that the answers provided be signed in front of a notary public.

Speak to your attorney to find out more about what happens during the discovery process.


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