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Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

The following factors are necessary in order to have a successful motorcycle accident insurance claim: Availability of adequate insurance - one of the most important keys to a successful motorcycle accident injury case is having the correct insurance policy for…

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Written or Recorded Statement

Written or Recorded Statement Written and recorded statements are a part of almost every car accident case whether it is just a simple insurance claim or a lawsuit. It must be noted that insurance companies are notorious for pressurizing claimants…

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Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims

Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims There has been a significant rise in the occurrence of persons filing fraudulent personal injury claims. The filing of a fraudulent personal injury claims can have serious ramifications on the claimants. Not only can your insurance company deny your claim and…

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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Claims The law in most states requires that insurance companies act in good faith. Previously, this law was only supposed to be shown to those individuals who hold policies with the insurance. Thus the act of good faith…

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