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What makes carcinogens, Carcinogens?

According to, the word carcinogen means a substance or agent that causes cancer. Some common carcinogens are asbestos, tobacco, radiation, etc. This article will discuss how carcinogens are determined. It’s interesting that the American Cancer Society states on its…

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Successful Mesothelioma Cases

A previous article discussed the link between compensation and damages; however, more is required from the plaintiff. It is not just about representing numbers and stating that such is needed for compensation. This article will discuss other elements that are…

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Pursue Mesothelioma Claim

When a person is diagnosed with mesothelioma, they may be able to seek a personal injury claim. Such personal injury claims may be like others, however, it may take up more time, energy and money to resolve. This article will…

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Toxic Tort Cases: Evidence

A toxic tort is a type of personal injury that is as a result of being exposed to a harmful substance. If you are a victim of toxic substance exposure you may have a right to compensation. This by way…

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Exposed to Asbestos, Where?

A common question asked is: where could I have been exposed to asbestos? There are some places that have a higher chance of asbestos materials and products as compared to others. Such asbestos materials and products expose people to dangerous…

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Veteran Exposure to Asbestos

Veteran Exposure to Asbestos It is not uncommon for military service members that are no longer on active duty to suffer symptoms of asbestos exposure. In most cases the logical next step is a diagnosis. Thereafter, the veteran will need…

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Lung Cancer KRAS Gene and Mesothelioma

Lung Cancer KRAS Gene and Mesothelioma New light has been shed into the gene responsible for non-small cell lung cancer. It is said that the new light could bring hope for mesothelioma patients. Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center have…

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Mesothelioma News: Avastin – New Mesothelioma Guidelines

Mesothelioma News: New Mesothelioma Guidelines – July 2016  The National Comprehensive Cancer Network has changed its recommended first line treatment for unresectable pleural mesothelioma. This change is fueled by the belief that this will extend the patient survival rate greatly. The…

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